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‘JPM Coin’​ — what it is, what it is not?

When you are in the business of digital asset tools, people approach you with any questions about cryptocurrencies. On the day of JPM’s coin announcement, my phone would not stop ringing. To my surprise, there are varying levels of understanding of the JPM coin, and...

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Why is HyperLinq simplifying digital asset trading?

Update: Since the writing of this story, HyperLinq has pivoted to focus on better user experience and trading efficiency. We have moved many of the services to be server side. This is more of an origin story now rather than a current fact. The story...

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Why Peer-To-Peer Recognition Works?

Beyond food, shelter and clothing, most people are motivated by an intense feeling of safety, high sense of belonging and deep feeling of being recognized. These human motivation factors can be summed as the pursuit of self-actualization whether at work or in society....

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