Founder & CEO, HyperLinq Inc.

Human. Computer Scientist. Entrepreneur. Coach.
Loves humans, tech, coding, dogs, photography, travel & food.

Previously founded

Hiode Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

‘JPM Coin’​ — what it is, what it is not?

So what is it then? JPM coin is a digital currency which is built using Blockchain — only similarity with Bitcoin. However, unlike Bitcoin blockchain, JPM blockchain is private. Read more >>

Why is HyperLinq simplifying digital asset trading?

The story of HyperLinq is the story of a programmer, a trader and a complex workflow. We are simplifying the digital asset trading workflows for ourselves, and along the way, we want to help others in similar situations. Read more >> Interview - What, Why, and How CEOs Read – Amar Gautam

We spoke with Amar with questions on his reading lists, favourite books and more. Read more >>

Founders Circuit Interviews - Shabashy Founder Amar Gautam On Why Peer Recognition Should Replace Traditional Company Appraisals

Share your ideas and don't be the person who thinks someone will steal your idea. If someone else could execute your plan better, she deserves to do it. In the end, it is a win for the whole of humanity. Read more >>

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